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We offer executive language training courses for busy professionals, who want to learn or improve their English in specific areas, to enhance their careers.
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Business English :

The Executive Suite

Business English: The Executive Suite is the best choice for busy professionals with limited time available. Each lesson is private with a programme developed for individual needs, enabling executives to develop as rapidly as possible.

All courses are specifically tailored to your needs. The goal is to blend the training with your objectives and specific discussion topics, case studies, document, and activities.

The course is highly flexible and adaptable – as your needs change, so does the course. The course will be adapted to your learning pace and style.

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How does The Executive Suite work ?

In short, it’s all about you. Everything is personalised to your goals, your needs, your learning style and make the most of the time  you have available.

Before you start your course, we conduct a need analysis, so we can design a course to suit you and what you want to achieve by the end of the course.

The courses are practical with real-life work simulations and Role-plays to learn and practise the skills you want to focus on.

Throughout your course, you will have 16 weeks of free access to our digital learning platform for professionals, with online lessons and resources, to continue your learning outside the classroom.

The Executive Suite Programme

The Executives Suite provides you with highly practical programmes around three main areas of Business English Communication. You can select specifically one or a combination of these programmes depending on your targets and needs.


Writing for Business

Writing for Business Programme

Ideal for learners who need to write professionally and understand key business documents such as emails, reports, minutes, and proposals.

English for International

English for International Business

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to upgrade their professional English language skills in order to communicate effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.

English for Presentations

English for Presentations

For non-native speakers giving a presentation in English can be quite a challenge.

This specific purpose Business English course is aimed at equipping you with the skills and language you need to present effectively in English.

Courses customised to your exact professional and language needs

We start by talking to you about what you’d like to achieve and improve on and build  a course around you. Using your needs analysis prior  to the start of the course, we will pair you with the most experienced trainer in your focus area.

Some areas people choose to focus on are : Banking, Human Resources, Information Technology, Journalism, Law, Marketing, Medicine, Oil & Gas, Politics & Diplomacy, Pharmaceutical.

You might prefer to focus on specific  skills instead such as : English for presentations, English for meetings, English for written communication, English for marketing, language for leaders or language for appraisals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for ?

The executive One-To-One course is for people who want a course that is 100%  personalised to their needs and objectives.

Where is the course held ?

All of our executives courses are held either online, or at our Executive centre.

Whan can you expect ?

You might be preparing for a new job role and need to rapidly improve your knowledge of professional English, you might be preparing for a presentation and want your language skills to help make it stand out, or you might need to master the language for an exam you are taking to boost your career.

You might just prefer the learning style of having a trainer solely focused on your goals.

Your learning outcomes will be based entirely on your individual needs. These will be clearly defined with you at the start of the course. Your progress towards achieving these goals will be monitored closely throughout the course, so that changes can be made rapidly to ensure you are on the right track to success.

Interested in this course for your Business or Team ?

If you have a team to train, we specialise in developing the English Language Skills of employees at all level of seniority. Whether it’s in a group setting or private one-to-one setting, we can get your team to be proficient in English. Contact us for a quotation.



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